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Producer, musician, and composer Keith Jackson began studying piano since the early age of seven. By fifteen, he founded his own independent studio and began recording and producing artists of all varieties in the Atlanta area. Working with a broad spectrum of local talent to their specific demand, he took on every new project as a challenge, no matter the style of music.

After graduating with honors and a Bachelor’s in Music Composition from the University of Georgia, Keith continued to build an ever-increasing body of work. Several of his projects have received national awards and recognition Replicas relojes in the independent spectrum. This realm of achievements includes working with top composers and producers across the country as well as quality projects such as a national commercial spot for the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign. Keith now lives in Los Angeles, dedicated to becoming an influential replicas breitling asset in the shaping of music in years to come. Teaming up with Electric City, Keith’s sweeping, cinematic sound is destined to be one of the firm’s most valuable assets indeed.
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    eCITY is back on the rise...  As we've said all along, "over time, NOT over night!" We ARE electric and always will be!

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    It's time to rally the troops for an epic move.

    Let's make history - the time is now..