Who is This “Obsessed” Young Man?

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This guy is accused of being obsessed with Mariah Carey. He even appears in her latest video of the same name.

…something’s off just looking at him, right? That’s because it’s Mariah dressed up as a dude! Our guess is she’s trying to clown Eminem for his recent renewed attacks on her and Nick Cannon, seven years deep into their “beef”.

Obviously, no one is expecting Mariah to come with an “Ether”, but come on. Let’s stop while we’re behind, why don’t we? Eminem has a habit of going after people who wouldn’t normally engage in battles (pop stars, specifically), so the best treatment may be to ignore him like a little brother. Because the rest of us sure don’t care. Read more!

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Video: “Amazing”

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Amazing from kwest on Vimeo.

Don’t tell us we were sleeping on this one, cause we weren’t. It just took longer for us to digest. “Amazing” was always one of our favorite tracks off the album, it having been blasted in our respective offices and studios last December. It only seems right that this song comes back to our collective consciousness when a few off of us are on vaycay (and slowly losing hope of seeing a Blazers-Lakers series in the playoffs). We’re guessing Yeezy didn’t spend much of his freshly cleared check from the NBA on this one, what with him wearing that denim jacket he always wears these days in front of a greenscreen. Or maybe dude spent all of that cash on that yacht complete with complimentary Wayfarers? Whether he’s
ballin’ for real or on a budget, we can’t hate on this video. Just take us on that boat next time-and don’t be so obvious with your edit. A shot of fire when dude says “fire”? You can do better than that, Ye.

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Maxwell – Pretty Wings

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It’s been a minute since Maxwell has dominated the R&B scene. I mean let’s face it, the kids these days prefer T-Pain in all his glory. So we were pleasantly surprised to hear that his new release “Pretty Wings” has finally leaked. Although Maxwell won’t be giving T-Pain a run for his money soon, he will definitely give the ladies out there someone to swoon over (seriously, let’s all admit that T-Pain is not a looker).

Listen and Download: “Pretty Wings” – Maxwell

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Commentary: “Boom Boom Pow”

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Dude, what happened? There was a time in early March when we first heard this song on the radio and we’re kind of caught off guard by it. We thought it was catchy as hell, but in terms of timing and placement it just seemed a bit off. In terms of content, it was typical post-Fergie BEP material: light and fluffy, a not-too-far-departure from their pre-Fergie days of vying to become the West Coast heirs to A Tribe Called Quest’s throne-except with more ethnic diversity. However, “Boom Boom Pow” did have something somewhat of the times-it has one hell of a crazy strong structure for a single. It’s crazy, but really not crazy enough in the world where Weezy and The-Dream are at the top of the game. Somehow it came together and became a hit and caused theĀ proliferationĀ of a ton of unnecessary remixes. You have to give Will.i.am & Co. props for that. Now, how can we get this damn thing out of our heads?
For the true music geeks and Will.i.am fans out there, we recommend checking out Mochilla’s documentary: DJ Dusk’s Root Down Soundclash. It’s an interesting document of how vibrant the LA underground hip-hop scene was back in the day, and it also pinpoints the precise moment Will.i.am blew up (or sold out, depending on who you talk to): dude leaves a battle early to make a beat for Justin Timberlake. The rest is history. Boom. Boom. Pow.

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Flashback Friday: Nuthin’ But a G Thang

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Fridays are great. Back in our college days, we purposefully chose classes that only met on Tuesdays and Thursdays, knowing damn well that Friday is a day to relax, a time of reflection if you will. Even now that we’re in the real world, Fridays at work are usually pretty laid back. Usually. So we decided that on Fridays, we will all look back at the songs and artists that we just couldn’t get enough of back in the good ‘ole days (basically the 90’s). This week, we’re taking you back to ‘93 with Dr. Dre (who didn’t age very well BTW) and Snoop Dogg in “Nuthin’ But a G Thang”. Enjoy…and remember, it’s gotta’ be bumpin…city of Compton..

Dr Dre + Snoop Dogg – Nuthin’ But A G Thang from hiphop on Vimeo.

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Sports: Team Pacquiao

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Photo 75

’nuff said.
Well, not quite. Check out this video we took of the Filipino reaction (in the Philippines):

Reaction: Pacquiao vs. Hatton from John Clement Bollozos on Vimeo.

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We really want this shirt.
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Video: Juelz + Skull Gang

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We weren’t quite sure why we’ve been watching this video over and over, but our friends over at The FADER pretty much nailed it:

He may be in a k-hole, as he is inexplicably looking Jason Voorhees-level IN-SANE in like 19 amazing shots in front of a disco ball…

What happened Juelz? We know that music video budgets fell the fuck off, but dude, did all of Harlem run out of weed during the shoot and you had no choice but to send some PA out into the streets to get you something, anything that’ll get you jacked in some way?

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Commentary: Pharrell sans Tattoos equals Pharrell 3.0

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To be real honest, we’re kind of excited about Pharrell’s undoubtedly painful laser tattoo removal and what comes with it. We think it’s interesting how a man who consistently dresses like a teenager and who consistently rhymes about dressing like a teenager has manned up and removed most, if not all, of his teenage fever dream-inspired ink. This will be an interesting crossroads for Pharrell, perhaps signifying a new act or era to an already charmed career. From “Rump Shaker” ghost producer to giving post-Biggie rap a signature sound to what exactly we don’t know yet.

We’re hoping dude listened up to some crazy stuff while he’s been at home dodging the sun. It would be great if he came back with some gypsy-type shit for the new Clipse album or perhaps Neo Jack Swing for the theoretically transformed post-Nas Kelis. Are we asking for too much? Probably. But someone out there should.

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Gossip: Are they or aren’t they?

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We tend to stay away from the celebrity gossip around here. Welllll, we say we don’t but we actually search fervently for the next slutty picture of Miley Cyrus on the Internets (I mean, who doesn’t). But this couple has been trying so hard to deny their status that when they are seen together, we definitely take notice. We’re of course talking about Puffy and former Delia’s model Cassie. Despite the obvious age difference, there is definitely something off with those two. We’re not even going to surmise whether or not she was on the receiving end of Puffy’s 12-hour Tantric sex session that he tweeted about. At any rate, they were both seen together at Tao in Vegas for the Pacquiao v. Hatton After Party. I wonder if Kim Porter is happy to hear about this…

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