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Priding itself on being an undiscovered production powerhouse, the ICU Music Group is moving to the forefront of West Coast hip hop. The group was founded in Los Angeles by musical wunderkinds Derek "Elementz" Yopp Jr., JuJuan "Dr.Dopenstuph" Gailey, and Andrew "The Specialist" Kim. "ICU is not merely a group of beat makers, but lends itself more to making music cheap nike shoes that supersedes the limits of a 4-bar loop," notes team principal Andrew.

With a combined musical experience spanning more than 30 years, each memberis an accomplished musician:  Derek plays piano, baritone horn, and trombone; JuJuan, the piano and drums as well as the bass, electric, and acoustic guitars; and Andrew the piano, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, and drums as well as the electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. The friends cheap nike air max originally met in high school and soon combined their efforts and started making music for classmates.  JuJuan explains, "We discovered an unrivaled relationship founded on creative expression and a rapid learning of very different styles of music."

ICU's signature sound is shaped by combining classic music, which they affectionately call "Real Music" with modern, synthesized production perspectives.  Each contributor provides a different component to this most unique process.  "Making work fun, the team has learned to contribute to the replicas de relojes audemars piguet production method unselfishly to get the desired result, which of course is a HIT track," mentions Derek.

Working under the radar for long enough, ICU most recently produced a song on the hit TV series "CSI: New York" and is gearing up for an unprecedented year.
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    eCITY is back on the rise...  As we've said all along, "over time, NOT over night!" We ARE electric and always will be!

    replique montre

    It's time to rally the troops for an epic move.

    Let's make history - the time is now..