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Born with an unbreakable entrepreneurial spirit and passion for good business, Jerome Henry Jr. has undoubtedly demonstrated his ability to inspire, motivate and lead others. As a scholarship athlete at Iowa State University and Cal State University of Northridge, Jerome honed his desire for attention to detail, leadership and fierce competition. After a highly successful athleticcareer, he captured all the accolades necessary (4x player of the week, team captain, 1st team honors) to catapult him onto a list of the nation’s best athletes in both football and track (1993 Big 8 Team Champion).

While still pursuing a degree and preparing for a professional football career, Mr. Henry’s passion for management and leadership carried over from the playing field to aspirations of running his own business. Within a few years of successfully launching his first management/consulting firm, Romelo P. Mentortainment, in 1995, Mr. Henry was able to solidify record deals and a production deal with his first two recording groups and record producer under contract with DreamWorks (Spielberg, Katzenberg, Geffen (SKG Music, LLC.), and Noontime Productions respectively.

In 2000, Mr. Henry graduated from Cal State Northridge (CSUN) as a two time dean’s list honoree with a GPA high of 3.92 and a B.A. in Pan African studies with emphasis in the areas of Politics and Economics. Shortly thereafter, Jerome was offered a position with Fortune 500 Company, Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

In early 2001, Mr. Henry opted to join the Enterprise Rent –A – Car management program to further enhance his management skills and operational knowledge of back-end business and logistics flow. This position clearly defined and enhanced his knowledge in sales, cycles of service, attention to strict customer service details, staff management, marketing, business growth, and various accounting principles. Within months of joining the program, Mr. Henry was awarded numerous customer service and sales awards. In fact, winning the Enterprise Servic Quality Index (ESQI) award with a near perfect score is what leveraged his invitation to join the management staff at LAX Airport (largest branch in the world). While at the LAX branch, Mr. Henry was afforded the opportunity to go from working with a local customer base to an international customer base with an amplified customer turnover. In addition, Mr. Henry was able to truly sharpen his understanding of staffing, collections, problem solving and employee training and sales development

While loaning his management capabilities to Enterprise, Mr. Henry was still in pursuit of his management/consulting and audemars piguet executive production career within the music industry. With a more sophisticated understanding of transactional law, contract negotiation, mechanical royalty (publishing) and performance royalty calculation and collection, Mr. Henry was able to solidify production and publishing deals for clients with EMI Productions, EMI Publishing, and super producer Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson, N’Sync, Destiny’s Child) of Darkchild Records. Most recently, Mr. Henry has solidified worldwide distribution for the Electric City brand with powerhouse, Big Fish Audio, to develop a series of ground breaking products for the fast growing sample library market. Additionally, Mr. Henry has negotiated a power position as exclusive content developer for a new technology company, FunkMachine, set to launch in 2009.

As eCITY’s chief strategist Jerome Henry, affectionately known as “J. Henry” to those in contact with him, lends his analytical and creative talents to Electric City as a visionary leader overseeing and cultivating the company’s strategic alliances and partnerships. Mr. Henry is also responsible for inter office communication between department heads, logistical flow of client projects, contract negotiation and strategy, business development, new project development and execution of business planning and growth opportunities.“I inherited my entrepreneurial spirit from my father. I have never witnessed a man at such close range with so much hustle and passion about what he believed in. I was taught the value of hard work and honesty at an early age. Persistence and dedication was instilled in me. My father always preached to me about demonstrating a certain level of pride and ambition to be recognized through my work, no matter what type of work. I was never taught to play the victim role. I was taught by my parents that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to and as long as I was pursuing something positive, they would support me, even if it meant spending their last to nurture and cultivate my young entrepreneurial mind.”

Now with the business savvy of a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Henry has set his sights on making Electric City a globally recognized symbol of excellence and achievement in the ever-expanding world of multi-media
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